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The Consulting Detective

The Consulting Detective Trilogy

The Consulting Detective Trilogy follows Sherlock Holmes from the end of The Crack in the Lens in 1871 to his meeting with Dr. John H. Watson in 1881. He meets many people who influence the early development of his career and has many adventures along the way.

  • In The Consulting Detective Trilogy Part I: University Sherlock Holmes encounters strange deaths, a blackmail ring, a ship named "Gloria Scott" and the mysteries of his own mind while he studies at the University of Cambridge.
  • In The Consulting Detective Trilogy Part II: On Stage Sherlock Holmes arrives in London without a clue as to his future but Mycroft's birthday treat sends his younger brother on a new adventure. COMING June 2017
  • In The Consulting Detective Trilogy Part III: Montague Street Follow Sherlock Holmes as he begins his detective practice in London. COMING 2018

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